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3550R Touch-Screen

Standards and technologies supported
  • AM/FM
  • P25
  • NXDN™
  • dPMR
  • Positive Train Control
Key Technical Specifications
  • Generator: -5 dBm to -125 dBm
  • DANL: -140 dBm typical with preamp
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs.
  • Rugged: 30 G Shock
  • 0º to 50º C operating range
Benefits 3550R


  • Super light magnesium alloy – 8.3 lbs/3.75 kg weight, is ideal for field test environments.
  • Internal battery provides 4.5 hours of true portability on one charge.
  • Define your own test screens and then save for future use, simplifies operation.
  • Fast VSWR and return loss plots for field analysis of antennas, duplexers, and combiners.
  • Accurate distance to fault measurements for locating issues in cables.
  • Multi-Language support includes Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, German, French, etc.
  • Complete RF Transmitter Testing: With integrated RF power, RSSI, frequency error and modulation meters .
  • Complete Analog Test System: The 3550R includes the capability to perform direct connect type testing on a radio. All radio parameters including power, frequency error, modulation accuracy, receiver sensitivity, and audio performance are easily accessed and tested.
  • Remote Operation and Remote File Access: The 3550R has the perfect solution for you to remotely monitor tough to find system anomalies through your smartphone, tablet, or PC anywhere on the planet.
  • Channel Analyzer: RF signals can be graphically analyzed with the Channel Analyzer option of the 3550R. The channel analyzer allows the user to analyze up to 5 MHz spectrum of signals from a repeater, a mobile radio, or a hand-held, while at the time demodulating the signal and taking modulation measurements.
  • AAR Channel Plan Option: AAR stands for Association of American Railroads and is an association of US and Canadian railroads. This option controls the RF frequency of both the generator and receiver of the 3550R based on the channel number.
  • Indoor Signal Coverage Testing using TRX Systems NEON® Signal Mapper Application.


Accessories for 3550

67474 AC0826 656 Tripod
82553 AC24006 709 Tripod, Dolly, Stand
82559 AC27002 849 Attenuator (20 dB / 50 W), Adapter (N-F to BNC-F), Adapter (N-M to TNC-M)
82560 AC27003 959 Attenuator (20 dB / 150 W), Adapter (N-F to BNC-F), Adapter (N-M to BNC-F)
10192 AC27004 245 Case, Soft -Sided Carrying
67076 AC27005 299 Battery, Spare
90520 53 3550 Series Op/ICW Manual (CD Only) (One Supplied Standard)
90523 265 3550 Series Maintenance Manual (CD Only)
90521 53 3550 Series Manual, Getting Started (Paper Only) (One Supplied Standard)
11268 1 209 Mounting Bracket for AC27003 150W Attenuator
63927 AC25081 10,595 Site Survey Software
92723 2,999 Accessory Kit, Precision DTF/VSWR
92793 5017D 2,539 Bird Power Sensor 5017


90849 3550R 21,195 Handheld 1GHz Radio Test Set (Ruggedized)
91819 3550OPT01 578 Channel Analyzer Option
91818 3550OPT02 578 Oscilloscope Option
83346 35XXOPT07 2,332 P25 Test Option
83347 35XXOPT08 1,166 Tracking Generator Function
89509 35XXOPT09 2,332 dPMR Test Option
89510 35XXOPT10 2,332 ARIB T98 Test Option
92468 3550OPT13 313 AAR Channel Plan
92803 3550OPT14 1,166 Precision Thru-Line Meter (Use with Wideband Power Sensor)
112401 3550OPT15 1,166 Occupied Bandwidth
114327 3550OPT16 4,028 Positive Train Control
141787 3550OPT22 4,350 3550OPT22 TETRA BS
89261 35XXOPT33 2,332 NXDN Test Option
89262 35XXOPT34 2,332 DMR Test Option
140747 3,696 NEON Sig Map Pkg – Tracking Unit w/1yr
140748 5,845 NEON Sig Map Pkg-Tracking Unit w/2 year
140749 7,845 NEON Sig Map Pkg-Tracking Unit w/3 year
141586 11,995 NEON Sig Map Pkg-Tracking Unit w/5 year


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