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3920B Series Analog and Digital Radio

Standards and technologies supported

  • AM
  • FM
  • SSB
  • P25
  • P25 Phase 2
  • NXDN™
  • dPMR

Key Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range: 10 MHz to 2.7 GHz
  • Timebase: 0.01 ppm + aging
  • Generate level range: +10 dBm to -130 dBm with ±1 dB accuracy (typical)
  • Generator phase noise: <-110 dBc/Hz @ 10 kHz offset
  • RF analyzer range: -130 dBm to 125 watts measurement range
  • Direct input power: 50 W Continuous, 125 W Cyclical
Benefits 3920B 
  • The 3920B features a low phase noise RF signal generator for performing critical receiver testing required on critical communication radios.
  • The 3920B includes many standard features as well as a host of optional test capabilities, digital personalities, and the Auto-Test II Alignment capability.
  • The instrument provides a comprehensive range of general-purpose analog measurement facilities as well as advanced digital test options.
  • To make you more productive, the 3920B is not only simple to use but has features that make testing a radio quick and repeatable.
  • The 3920B features easy-to-read meters with Pass/Fail color coding for instant Go/NoGo testing. With these easy-to-configure meters, you can set up unique Pass/Fail parameters for each radio type that you are testing.
  • Includes a host of automatic test and alignment for the most popular radios in the industry.
91164 3920B 32,855 Digital Radio Test Set 1MHz – 1GHz with Standard Analog Duplex Operation and DMM
88459 6625-01-583-9945 3920N 55,645 3920N Digital Radio Test Set
89871 KIT, 3920N 9,599 Test Accessory Kit
92132 KIT, TRTS Upgrade 28,999 3920N TRTS Upgrade Kit (Not available as a stand alone kit,
83359 390XOPT110 10,494 TETRA MS (Mobile Station Testing)
83360 390XOPT111 6,996 TETRA BS (Base Station Testing)
83361 390XOPT112 3,148 TETRA DM (Direct Mode Testing)
83362 390XOPT114 1,166 TETRA Energy Economy Mode (Requires 390XOPT110)
85543 390XOPT115 2,332 TETRA Autotest II
83352 390XOPT051 2,332 Site Monitoring Application
83353 390XOPT054 4,240 IQ Gen Modulation (for IQ Creator waveforms)
83354 390XOPT055 2,332 Audio Analyzer
83390 392XOPT058 2,120 2.7GHz Frequency Range Extension Option
83355 390XOPT059 2,332 Auto-Test II Analog
83356 390XOPT060 3,498 Harmonics & Spurious Measurements
83357 390XOPT061 1,166 Tracking Generator
83358 390XOPT064 1,166 Analog Duplex Power Between Markers
92573 390XOPT067 2,332 POCSAG
84410 390XOPT090 2,332 Chinese GUI
83363 390XOPT200 2,332 P25 Conventional Operation (with DES OFB Type III)
83364 390XOPT201 2,756 P25 Trunking Operation VHF/UHF/700/800MHz (Requires 390XOPT200)
83365 390XOPT204 9,328 LSM Generate and Receive/Analysis (Requires 390XOPT200)
83366 390XOPT206 3,498 P25 Control Channel Logger Option (Requires 390XOPT200)
83367 390XOPT207 4,664 SMARTNETTM/SmartZoneTM Option (Requires 390XOPT200)
62377 390XOPT209 2,332 KVL 3000 & 4000 Keyloader Option (Requires 390XOPT200)
83368 390XOPT210 1,166 Analog Simulcast Option (Requires 390XOPT055)
83369 390XOPT212 2,332 Explicit Mode Trunking (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201)
83370 390XOPT213 1,166 Unit to Unit Call (Requires 390XOPT200, 390XOPT201 and 390XOPT212)
83371 390XOPT214 2,332 Adjacent Channel Broadcast Message (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201)
83372 390XOPT215 2,332 Secondary Control Channel Broadcast Message (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201)
83373 390XOPT218 2,332 Autotest II for P25 Radio Systems (Requires 390XOPT200)
83374 390XOPT219 6,996 X2 TDMA Test Suite (Requires 390XOPT200 and 390XOPT201) – (Available through Motorola Only)
90532 390XOPT220 6,996 Phase 2 Two-Slot Time Division Multiple Access Physical Layer (Requires 390XOPT200)
82566 390XOPT230 52,999 Off Air Monitor Software for P25 Message Logging – Protocol Analysis Tool (Requires 390XOPT200 and
83378 390XOPT250 2,332 Occupied Bandwidth for P25 (Requires 390XOPT200)
84412 390XOPT260 6,996 P25 Performance Test Triggers
83379 390XOPT261 11,660 X2 TDMA Advanced Test Suite – Combines 390XOPT219 & 245 (Requires 390XOPT200 and
83380 390XOPT300 9,328 Motorola HPD® Testing Option (Available through Motorola Only)
83381 390XOPT301 3,498 Motorola HPD® Advanced Analysis Package (Available through Motorola Only)
83382 390XOPT302 11,660 Motorola HPD® Testing Suite Combines 390XOPT300 and 390XOPT301 (Available through Motorola Only)


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