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7200B Configurable Automated Test Set

The Viavi 7200B is an excellent choice for a versatile, integrated ATE solution for radio systems testing.  Its flexible configuration and multiple signal generating capabilities provide a means to accomplish each task in a timely and cost saving manner.


  • The 7200B saves money by replacing an entire suite of test equipment
  • The 7200B can be readily integrated into an automated test system through Ethernet or GPIB
  • The 7200B allows easy definition of test sequences using its library of extended test commands and onboard development environment
  • The on-board AutoTest III development environment and programmable switch matrix provides the 7200B the unique ability to fully control both itself and the radio system under test
  • 90 MHz instantaneous bandwidth allows fast, accurate measurement and generation of wide bandwidth digitally modulated signals
  • Record and Playback function for RF Waveforms eliminates the need for a “Golden Radio”
  • Optional embedded calibration program enables automated on-site calibration to reduce maintenance down-time


  • 1.0 to 2.6 GHz RF generate and receive frequency range
  • Standard AM/FM/PM/SSB modulation and demodulation modes
  • Standard Power Meter, Spectrum Analyzer, Audio Generator, Distortion Meter, SINAD meter, Audio Analyzer, Frequency Counter and Frequency Reference
  • Standard 168 pin fully programmable ZIF connector provides DMM and Scope connections, Ethernet RX/TX, USB, RS-232, RS-422, Open Collector I/O, 5V and 3.3V TTL In and Out, and connections for powering the radio using an auxiliary power supply
  • Optional features include a 2 channel 125 MHz Oscilloscope, 6 ½ digit DMM, Frequency Hop Burst Power Meter, Real Time RF Record and Playback, and Remote Power Supply Control.
  • State of the art and intuitive high resolution touch screen based GUI
  • Built-in help system provides on-screen guidance for manual and remote-control functions
  • MIL-PRF-28800F Class 3 packaging
  • Rack mount option available
139406 10,595 2 Channel 125MHz Oscilloscope
139407 5,295 6 1/2 Digit DMM
139260 15,895 Frequency Hop Burst Power Meter
139272 10,595 Record and Playback Feature
139263 2,115 Remote Power Supply Control
139264 26,495 Auto Test III Development Environment
140870 22,843 7200 i7 Upgrade Kit
92554 Intelligent Cable 13,775 Intelligent Cable for 7200B
86474 561 TPS ZIFF Mating Connector
87593 1,585 Adaptor USB 2.0 to IEEE-488.2 GPIB
88574 487 Rack Mount Kit
88991 264 Cable Assembly – External DC Power (Req’d for 750W External Power Supply for Pass Through to ZIFF)
112277 AC24011 275 10 AMP Current Shunt 0.01 Ohm.
86170 911 Transit Case
88863 4,559 750W External Power Supply
88770 794 750W External Power Supply Transit Case
88923 232 7200 Series DMM Probe Kit
67411 AC25014 129 Scope Probe Kit
89661 20 RJ45 5′ Ethernet Cable


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